Just like any great collection, we’re always adding great items to Kolekto! Our roadmap provides an overview of the upcoming features that we’ve got planned.

When building our roadmap, we always consult users, which is why it always contains at least 50% of user-contributed ideas and features!

Asset tag printing

Have your Kolekto asset tags professionally printed and despatched direct to your door. Self-adhesive, hard wearing labels will make item identification a breeze!

Kolekto Premium

Add staff members and additional users to your Kolekto account. Great for museums, organizations and companies to manage their collections and assets.

Import your collections

Already using Sortly, Asset Panda or a similar online service? Quickly and easily add your items to Kolekto in just a few clicks with our data import tool.

Transfer ownership

Easily transfer ownership of your items to other Kolekto users. Particularly useful when buying and selling items via the Kolekto Marketplace.

Advanced reporting

Generate individual item or entire collection reports for insurance companies, colleagues or management. Advanced filtering also available!

More attribute types

While Kolekto is very flexible, we’re already planning lots of new custom attribute types, to really make your items yours! Includes location, images and videos.

Video tutorials

We understand that getting to know a new system can be daunting; that’s why we’re investing time in making excellent video tutorials of Kolekto’s core features.

Kolekto Pay

A fast and secure payment method for use in the Kolekto Marketplace by buyers and sellers. Kolekto Pay will make it quick and easy to finalize the sale of that rare item!

API access

Looking to do more with your Kolekto data? We’re working hard on a secure data API that allows developers to integrate collection data into any application.

Barcode scanning

The quick and easy way to add items to Kolekto! Simply scan the barcode on your item’s packaging to lookup its EAN and find data about your collectible.

Location management

Are your collections placed in multiple locations? Easily manage item locations and box numbers using Kolekto’s location management tool with geocoded data.

Multi-language support

We speak your language! Our team is currently hard at work bringing additional language and better international support to Kolekto.