Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kolekto?

Kolekto is a cloud-based service for collectors alike to inventory and document their items. Unlike other services, Kolekto has been developed with passion by collectors, for collectors! We understand more than anyone the needs of the collectors who will use our platform, and pride ourselves on ease-of-use and range of features.

Is a free trial available?

Absolutely! Both of Kolekto’s subscription plans come with a completely free trial; monthly subscriptions are eligible for a 14-day free trial, and annual plans include a 30-day free trial.

How much does it cost to use Kolekto?

We know how frustrating complicated pricing models can be, which is why we offer just two subscription plans; you can choose to pay a one-off annual payment, or in monthly installments. Monthly plans cost £5.99, and the annual plan is billed at £54.00 per year, which means you make a saving of over £15 when paying annually.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can add?

Absolutely not. We understand that collecting is your passion, and as collectors we know how fast your inventory can grow. That’s one of the reasons why we made Kolekto completely unlimited; you can add as many collections, categories, items and images as you need.

Are there any forthcoming features to Kolekto?

We’re always listening to our users and their needs, which is why we actively maintain our Roadmap.

How secure is my data in Kolekto?

We understand that your collections are precious, and so we ensure that your data is as safe and secure as it can be. We use the latest technology in cryptography to ensure your data remains secure at all times. All of your data and communication with Kolekto’s servers are conducted over 2048-bit encryption. What’s more, is that Kolekto will never sell your data to a third-party!

Can I access my collection on my tablet or phone?

Yes! We know that having your collections and inventory at your fingertips is key. That’s why we developed our market-leading free iOS and Android apps. Learn more by visiting our dedicated mobile app section.